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May 4, 2016

Although many people may not know this, there’s more to a site’s success than just search engine optimization. Many people, however, think that SEO is all about link building, page relevancy, and keywords. What they don’t know is that a web site’s design can affect its responsiveness and performance online. This is the reason why you need to be very careful with your website’s design, or even better, hire an experienced designer to handle it for you. Outlined below are a few facts on how web design and search engine optimization correlate.

1.    Responsive web design:   Responsive web design matters a lot especially with many people today using different devices to access the internet. Many internet users today use their mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, Tablets, etc.) to access the internet, with very few accessing the same from their desktops.  Creating a mobile responsive website, however, makes it possible for all these audiences to access your site with ease. This not only makes it easier for your target audience to navigate through the site comfortably but also helps improve traffic to the same. Google and other search engines value mobile optimized sites more than non-optimized ones.

2.    Proper coding:  Using the right and relevant code for your web design is also recommended for SEO purposes.   Although most people generate their HTML code in word processors before uploading it, it is advisable to invest in code that relates to the content being advertised. One of the main reasons for this is that search engine crawlers crawl everything on your site ranging from content to code, and use the same to rank sites. Using proper and relevant code for your website, therefore, matters a lot particularly when ranks are an important issue.

3.    Usability or Friendly Navigation:  Website navigation plays a critical role in every internet site. This can be best interpreted as a map, where every path is clearly outlined and leads to the relevant pages. Proper SEO-friendly navigation not only helps your pages to be indexed and displayed in the search engine results pages (SERPs) but also increases usability by your target audience.   It is for this reason you are advised against using too much flash content or JavaScript navigation, especially in introductions and menu.

Based on the facts outlined above, it is clear that web design and SEO are interrelated. Although other search engine optimization tactics such as generating keyword optimized content, video marketing, or even social media marketing may be influential, the web design determines how effective these strategies will be. In addition to this, the site’s design needs to be authentic and unique to your line of business.

The only best way to ensure everything is handled properly is by having a certified and experienced web designer to handle all website optimizations and design for you. You can also find a web design company to help you with the same, as this will be much easier (and time saving) than trying to do it yourself. It is through experience that these professionals get to understand the importance of proper web design, and how it affects your site’s performance.

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